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  Notice to Clients    

1、 The client shall ensure that any content provided for translation or interpretation is legally allowed for such translation or interpretation under the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and has obtained the approval of related authorities of the State, and shall guarantee that the copyrights, rights for translation and other relevant rights in and for such contents are fully obtained. Any violation of copyrights or otherwise infringement arising from or in connection with the client's translation request shall hold the client responsible and keep us harmless from any civil or criminal responsibility therefor.
2、 We as a translation agency shall hold confidential any material and translation text of a confidential nature acquired during the process of translation, except information that have been owned by us, or accessible to the public, or disclosed to us by the client, or duly acquired from a third party having no obligation of confidentiality with the client.
3、 We would appreciate if the client could kindly specify points of attention at the time of requesting translation or interpretation. Without such specifications, it is deemed that no specific requirement is given. To facilitate our complete and accurate translation, the client is also expected to furnish us with reference materials as detailed as possible when the translation or interpretation assignment involves technical terms, including but not limited to translated and adopted names of the client, translated versions of technical terms generally accepted within their industry, and words and phrases to be referred to.

4、Our translation is based on the contents in any whatsoever form initially furnished to us by the client, and will charge separately and adjust the deadline accordingly if the client makes any addition, deletion or modification thereafter to any part of the contents initially furnished.
5、In the event that the client withdraws their request on his/her own part after requesting us to take any oral interpretation or translation assignment, the client shall pay us for the work that we have already done.

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