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  Quality Assurance   

Quality is the uppermost consideration in our business operation. We are conscientious, practical, and always keep our promises. Quality control procedures are carried out throughout our service process.

☉Translators and Interpreters
Every our translator or interpreter is reviewed, trained and selected under our strict recruiting system before they can work for you.
In order to ensure a good translation quality, we also hire full-time translators as well as editors as proofreaders.
1、 Pre-Translation
Our professional staff will identify and classify the documents and assign the work to specialized translators. As to the document that requires several translators, our proofreaders will ensure the consistency of terminologies, formats, and overall translation style as well as supervise the translation progress.
2、 In-Translation
During the translation process, we monitor the translation quality and progress so that we can solve problems in real time.
3、 Post-Translation
First Proofreading: check if there is any error and left-out, correct it if any and send feedbacks to the translator;
Second Proofreading: double-check the work, and rectify and polish it.
4、 Post-Delivery
Delivering the work to the customer is by no means that our services end. We welcome your questions and comments about our work. If there is any mistake in the translation, we will fix it without any delay.

1. We will arrange specialized interpreters according to your needs;
2. Our interpreters will be fully prepared based on the information you provide to ensure conveying the most accurate meanings of both sides, and keeping the communication going.
3. The interpreters will arrive at your assigned place on time.
4. The interpreters will be properly dressed.
5. The interpreters will solely represent your side, and actively provide the interpreting services you

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